Personal Development, Realize your potential | #NomadicHustle 9 w/ Kaltun Karani Author / Life coach

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March 1, 2020

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Personal Development, Connecting with the Quran, and Realizing your potential | #NomadicHustle 9 w/ Kaltun Karani Author, Life coach, and Tafseer Teacher On the 9th episode of #NomadicHustle - I sit with Kaltun Karani, Author, Life coach, and founder of Hikmah Academy to discuss her struggles early on trying to fit in, how discovering Islamic studies transformed her life, ways to recover from trauma, realizing your potential, and much more! Kaltun Karani is the founder of Hikma Academy and a teacher of tafseer. She has over ten years of experience working with youth and women in the community as a teacher and mentor in spiritual and personal development, and has worked as an early childhood coach supporting teachers in quality interactions with children. She has bachelors degrees in marketing from The Ohio State University and in Islamic studies from AlMaghrib Institute, and is currently pursuing a master of education in counseling. A wife, mother, and daughter, Kaltun is a student of hifdh and she enjoys reading, writing, swimming, and connecting with friends and family.


Dr. Ahmed Ali

Dr. Ahmed Ali (Pharmacy) Executive Director of Somali Health Board


Mohamed is Somali actor, creative and an author of a comic book for Somali kids.

Ikran Ismail

Ikran Ismail PhD student in Education - University of Washington


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