Gun violence in our communities, advice for Somali parents | #NomadicHustle 12 w/ Ayanle Abdikarim

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March 1, 2020

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Gun violence in our communities, school-to-prison pipeline, advice for Somali parents | #NomadicHustle 12 w/ Ayanle Abdikarim, Executive Director at (BCG) Bridging Cultural Gaps Ayanle and BCG have worked with elders in the East African community to develop a culturally responsive mediation approach to address issues regarding the disproportionate rates of incarceration of youth of color and to interrupt the school to prison pipeline. He has been also involved with local CBOs, faith-based groups, and organizers to also bring awareness regarding the struggle that immigrant and refugee youth face in America. BCG has a vision of seeing East African immigrants and refugees in the King County area become empowered, politically engaged, and educationally successful community members who contribute to the well-being of the County’s population.


Dr. Ahmed Ali

Dr. Ahmed Ali (Pharmacy) Executive Director of Somali Health Board


Mohamed is Somali actor, creative and an author of a comic book for Somali kids.

Ikran Ismail

Ikran Ismail PhD student in Education - University of Washington


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